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Life, Health, Financial

Life - Individuals & Businesses

Whether you are interested in Term, Whole Life, or Universal Life we have access to many competitive companies. Life insurance is often used for Family Protection, Retirement & Tax Strategies, Business Buy/Sell Agreements & Keyman Insurance.

Health - Individuals & Businesses

We offer Health Insurance for individuals and businesses.

Disability Insurance

Used to protect against loss of income in case of a covered disability. This is an often-overlooked coverage. 1 in 4 people will become disabled for six (6) months or more within their lifetime. The premium for this coverage is based on a number of factors including Occupation, Age, Salary, & Deductible Period.

Retirement Planning

We offer Retirement Planning services in conjunction with the goals that you have set for yourself.


Annuities are frequently used in retirement planning. People are living longer. The danger of out-living retirement savings is of more concern now than ever. Immediate Annuities & Deferred Annuities can provide tax-advantaged methods of assuring a retirement income.

Long-Term Care

Rising Long-Term Care and nursing home expenses make a LTC policy a necessary consideration.

College Planning

There are tax advantaged methods to save for college tuition. As tuition costs rise, it makes sense to start saving early.

Financial Strategies

Our financial advisors can assist you with your Investment Strategies, Retirement & Tax Planning.